Work Remotely With Us. Bring your Work Abroad to Escape The Cold Winter.

January 6, 2023

Are you able to work from home? Straight from your computer and Internet? Then why are you staying in the cold, indoors when you can be enjoying the beautiful ocean and warm weather with us?

We have your perfect set up to be able to work remotely.

Strong WIFI, Working area with desk and chair, AC, Homemade meals and stunning ocean views.

I am sure you are tired of being in the cold and lockdown. If you are looking for a place to get away for a month or more we are the perfect destination. You can bring your office here!

I know you have always dreamed of taking a longer vacation. Well now you can without taking any vacation days. Take your office with you. Work abroad from a different part of the world. The pandemic has kept us in doors more than we have wanted to. This opportunity for you to travel with your office to a warm destination is a dream come true!

We don’t want you to wait anymore. Staying with us for a month or more has many benefits.  Not only an office with a view but: home cooked meals, laundry service, cleaning service and walking around in flip-flops not worrying about the cold. Did I not mention Surfing in Nicaragua has the least crowd.

Escaping from winter is a good thing. Especially when you know you will be taken care of with us in Nicaragua. Work in Nicaragua at Miramar Surf Camp.

Maybe its not for you as your work does not allow it but I know you have some friends or family that just need to get away for a little longer than usual! Nowadays it can also be called coworking

I feel as co-working abroad is going to be the new fashion. Lets get on the train before its to late.

Now is the opportunity.

Want to come alone or with a group we have special prices. Please inquire about more details!

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