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Located in the North, in a sleepy fishing village, this surf hot spot offers more than just perfect waves. It is graced with opportunity for plenty of recreational activities and a calming, peaceful atmosphere. Blessed with offshore winds, rich with points and beach breaks, it provides sets for all levels of surfers, all year round.

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About the Hotel

Miramar Surf Camp is one of the most treasured surf locations in Nicaragua!

During the high surf season, from March to November, peaking swells allow for experienced surfers to share the perfect barrel, easily accessed on foot or by boat. It is also an ideal place for those wishing to learn with the peak of a gentle wave at your doorstep. This majestic paradise, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is home to all different kinds of adventures.

Also, we try to be more and more self-sustainable every day. We grow many different herbs, fruits, and vegetables. We have water filter systems to reuse dirty water for other areas of the camp (don't worry, not to drink) And a huge plus is we have solar power. Every time the village electricity goes out we are the only ones that can enjoy our dinner with solar energy.

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Amenities to help you enjoy like never before

At Miramar SurfCamp we are all about service. That is why all our amenities were designed to satisfy our guests needs, all in one place, just steps away from the best waves in Nicaragua.

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A world-class restaurant just for you

From our organic garden, fresh salads and vegetables. All our produce, meat and fish are purchased locally, which gives us the opportunity to offer fresh, tasty, delicious and healthy meals.

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Your choice of main plate served with fresh fruits.

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Every day we use what we have most fresh to make the special daily dish.

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Special dishes in between our special nights.

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Tens of experiences to enjoy alone or together

Nicaragua is filled with incredible things to do. Between surfing, fishing, hiking, and more, is an amazing destination to visit!! For all ages and sizes, perfect for a family trip!

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