Why Nicaragua Should Be Your Next Surf Destination

January 6, 2023

When choosing a destination for your next surf trip, there are a lot of different things to consider. Are the waves suitable for me? Will there be waves when I want to go? How’s the weather? Is it within my budget? The list goes on.

We believe if you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer, Nicaragua is one of the best destinations in the world. Here’s a few reasons why.


Nicaragua’s pacific coast is an extremely consistent area of the world for waves. It’s blessed with great waves all year round. December and January are the two months with the smallest waves but still never seems to be flat. This is pretty rare considering that in other parts of the world there can be periods of no waves for days, weeks, and even months! The last thing you want on a surf vacation is a flat ocean, so if you choose Nicaragua there’s a good chance you’ll be surfing every day!


The weather in Nicaragua is very predictable making it a great spot for a surf vacation. From mid November to mid May Nicaragua experiences their dry season where you get warm weather and beautiful sunny days almost guaranteed. If you like sunshine and want to escape the cold winter of North America, this is the perfect spot to getaway.


If you are a beginner surfer you might not know the huge impact the wind has on the surf and the quality of waves. When winds are blowing on-shore (which is very common in most destinations) it makes the waves difficult to surf and can even flatten them to the point where they are unsurfable. Most places you need to get up bright and early to surf before the wind picks up, and afternoon surfs are usually out of the question. However if you have off-shore winds it actually increases the quality of waves and makes them a dream to surf. Nicaragua is an extremely unique destination as it has Central America’s largest lake located next to the coast. This lake generates a lot of wind and blows it from inland (off-shore) to the ocean. This allows Nicaragua to  average off-shore winds more than 300+ days per year! And these winds last all day making sunset surfs a must on all of our trips.

Beach Breaks

Almost all of the surf spots in Nicaragua consist of sandy beach breaks, unlike other locations  around the world that include reef and/or rock breaks. This makes it a great spot to learn and progress your surfing. When you are learning it is no secret that you are going to fall, a lot. Knowing that if you are going to hit the bottom you will be met by soft sand and not sharp reef allows you to build confidence. This confidence is key when learning to surf.


Nicaragua is a country filled with raw and rugged natural beauty everywhere you look. You won’t get resorts with fake private beaches, this is the real deal. Sometimes it makes you feel like you’re exploring new unsurfed spots for the first time. After your session be sure to sit back, relax, and take in one of the most impressive sunsets you’ve ever seen.

The Locals

Enough can’t be said about the warm and welcoming people of this country. Whether it’s the local surfers or just families in town, they are all friendly and always willing to accommodate you. Everyone seems to operate at a tranquilo (chill) pace, really allowing you to slow down and enjoy each day. The really nice thing is that the country hasn’t become too touristy which lets you to have an authentic experience with the locals.

Cost of Living

Nicaragua remains one of the cheapest countries in the Americas. Most vacation expenses are less than half of it’s neighbour, Costa Rica. While you can still experience beautiful accommodation, great meals, and cold beers, your hard earned dollars go a long way in this country allowing you to enjoy your vacation without worrying about blowing your budget.

We’ve designed our retreats specifically for beginner and intermediate surfers where we make sure to put you in the best waves while offering an authentic experience of Nicaragua!

See you out there!

By www.vidasurftravel.com

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