Riding the Surf Waves Through an Unusual Rainy Season in Nicaragua

October 8, 2023

For us, surfers, the rainy season in Central America, especially in Nicaragua, has always been a time of anticipation and excitement.

The annual downpours typically bring with them a promise of powerful waves and epic surf sessions. However, this year has been different, as Mother Nature seems to be toying with our expectations. As we approach the final month of the rainy season, the familiar patterns have been disrupted, and it's worth discussing the intriguing changes we've witnessed.

Central America is known for its distinct wet and dry seasons, primarily influenced by weather phenomena like La Niña and El Niño. While La Niña typically brings heavier rains to the region, this year has presented an unexpected twist.

Instead of the predicted downpours, we've experienced a relatively dry rainy season. The skies have been sparing with their showers, leaving many of us wondering about the shift in weather patterns.

The rarity of this year's dry rainy season can be attributed to the influence of El Niño. Unlike La Niña, which often results in wetter conditions, El Niño tends to bring drier and warmer weather to Central America. This phenomenon's impact on the region is a departure from the norm, and surfers and meteorologists alike are taking notice.

One might expect that a less rainy season would translate to less exciting surf conditions. 

Surprisingly, the waves haven't disappointed. Despite the unexpected weather patterns, the waves along the Nicaraguan coast have remained consistent and reliable. 

Even more surprising is the fact that we haven't witnessed a big, epic swell that is typical for this time of year. This departure from the norm has only added to the mystery of this year's rainy season and low season.

As surfers, we're accustomed to adapting to changing conditions, and this year is no exception. While the unusual rainy season may raise questions, it also presents a unique opportunity.

With consistent waves and fewer crowds due to altered travel patterns, now might be the perfect time to plan a surf trip to Nicaragua. 

The unpredictability of El Niño's influence on the surf only adds an element of excitement to the experience.

So we think that 2023 rainy season in Central America, particularly in Nicaragua, has defied expectations. 

With La Niña taking a backseat to El Niño, we've experienced an unusually dry rainy season, but the waves have remained consistent.

As surfers, we thrive on adventure and unpredictability, and this year's weather patterns have added an exciting twist to our surf sessions.

Whether you're planning a surf trip or are already here, embrace the unexpected and enjoy the surf, rain or shine!

Come to Miramar Surf Camp and enjoy the unknown with us! We are really expecting good waves and good whether for this next month and for sure an awesome low waves season.


Familia Miramar Surfcamp

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