The most consist beachbreak in the area. By walk from Miramar Surf Camp, 5 minutes. It is all sand at the bottom and breaks for both sides, right and left. Good for all levels of surf. From the beginner surfer until the most experienced.



Shifty's is about 80 yards of beachbreak (sand-bottom) just on the south side of the reef platform at Shacks that favors the mid-to-high tides and consists of shifty peaks and bowls, hence the name. Fun but fairly quick rights and lefts offer a variety of barrels, lips and ramps. Just outside of Shifty's is a reef that helps break up the incoming swell lines and form the peaky surf. Sometimes this outside reef will offer a decent left and right on bigger swells and lower tides, but it is usually fat and slopey.

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Waves for all kind of surfers. Check out the spots nearby. All of then reached by short walk or boat. Uncrowded!

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