Punta Miramar Outer reef

Punta Miramar Outer reef

The best and most challenge wave during big south swell days. The outside works at low tide and can hold sizeable swells.


Punta Miramar Outer reef

The outer reef is the most challenge wave in the region when the swell gets big this wave will never close out and will increase only in size and power. During mid-swell days the wave is fun and perfect to be ridden with a long board, but once the swell gets over 6 ft the wave will change completely from water to wine increasing the surf level and satisfaction for the big riders. The take off is fast and the wave is hollow you must paddle fast and step on the gas. Punta Miramar on big days is not a easy wave and is definitely not for everybody, for those who are looking to improve your barrel riding on big waves definitely is the wave to surf. Follow the reports for a big south swell and come to discover this jewel.

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