El Transito

El Transito

Located only 30 min by boat from Miramar Surf Camp, this beach break is a good swell magnet. The sand move around and make for some various corners and sand bars up and down the beach and works good at small and mid swells.


El Transito

El Transito break can be good all year round, just as long as it stays under a couple feet overhead. This spot is usually pretty fun in the offseason (November to March), as the swells are usually smaller during that time of year and more suitable for the break. When it gets overhead it get a bit closed out so we look to other breaks. It’s also a good place to chill, having a drink and a tasty dinner at a beach-front restaurant.

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The Waves

Waves for all kind of surfers. Check out the spots nearby. All of then reached by short walk or boat. Uncrowded!

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