Telica Sunset Tour

Telica Sunset Tour

Visit one of Nicaragua's most active and spectacular volcanoes! As soon as you get close to the crater you can hear the roar of the ocean of lava deep down. Watch a beautiful sunset while sitting on volcanic rocks.


Telica Sunset

The Telíca Volcano is an active volcano about 30 kilometers from León. The latest violent eruption was in 1948, but the volcano has ever since been smoking and grumbling. The volcano is just over a kilometer high (1,061 meters) and has a huge crater: 120 meters deep and 700 meters in diameter. The actual climb is not that hard. In one-two hours you can be at the crater. It is never really steep, and there grow lots of trees and plants on the volcano. There are several spots from where you have a great view. Before you reach the crater, you will have to cross a beautiful valley with grassland, trees, and rocks. Just seeing the crater’s walls rising from the valley is impressing. Sometimes you also can see lava. Nice for sunset tours. ‍ ‍

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Telica Sunset TourTelica Sunset Tour

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There are few places in the world that can boast of vibrant colonial cities situated right beside idyllic volcanic. From tranquil lakes, to smoking volcanoes and vibrant cities, Nicaragua is this place!

Surf lessons

Surf Lessons

Program designed for beginner surfers that encompasses functional training and of course, lots of in-water.



We have a yoga teacher available during seasons and you wont be paying any extra for this.

Volcano Boarding

Volcano Boarding

Enjoy the youngest and active volcano in Nicaragua. Unique in all world for the Volcano boarding.

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