Juan Venado Island

Juan Venado Island

Juan Venado Island Natural Reserve is a nature reserve in Nicaragua. It is one of the 78 reserves that are under official protection in the country. The reserve is home to a wide variety of different species including sea turtles, crocodiles and caimans.



JUAN VENADO ISLAND TOUR The Juan Venado Island, or Isla Juan Venado as it is called in Spanish, is located just off the coast in front of the town Las Peñitas. The island south end is in front of Salinas Grandes town and beach. The island lies very close to the coast, and is practically nothing more than a thin, long trip of sand. The nature, however, is spectacular. Between the island and the coast grows a mangrove forest, which houses tons of birds. Furthermore, crocodiles live in the water as well as lots of crabs and other crustaceans. It’s great to take a boat or kayak and cruise through the forest. There are small, curvy waterways you can browse through, with egrets and other birds around every corner.

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Juan Venado Island Juan Venado Island

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There are few places in the world that can boast of vibrant colonial cities situated right beside idyllic volcanic. From tranquil lakes, to smoking volcanoes and vibrant cities, Nicaragua is this place!

Surf lessons

Surf Lessons

Program designed for beginner surfers that encompasses functional training and of course, lots of in-water.



We have a yoga teacher available during seasons and you wont be paying any extra for this.

Volcano Boarding

Volcano Boarding

Enjoy the youngest and active volcano in Nicaragua. Unique in all world for the Volcano boarding.

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