Surf Breaks

Salinas Grandes

Salinas a magical place, and will be always empty with many peaks going off a long the 5 miles beach. This spot has a few beach breaks and a river mouth.Located only 20 min aboard of our boat Salinas is truly mirage  ,it is locate 3 miles south of Puerto Sandino, this beach has couple miles of empty coast line and is a real wave magnet .

 Salinas is a place where it will peak most swells , small days out front super fun days at Salinas , the trick for Salinas is good cross swell when we get s-SW mix with NW this wave gets good as get.With the swell coming straight south the wave can be closing out to much the W-NW swell make much more corners allowing you to get drained uncountable times.

 Salinas is not a beginner wave we recommend there for intermediate and experience surfer. If you are looking to improve your barrel ride this definitely is the place to go.


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