Surf Breaks

Punta Miramar inside reef

Perfectly located right in front of Miramar surf camp ‘’Punta Miramar ‘’ or ‘’la punta’’ is left point break which will be under your view 24h during your stay with us . Enjoy your coffee or your cold ‘’tona’’ watching the surf and choosing which time would be best for you to go out .

This is definitely the most consistent wave in the region probably the most consistent in Nicaragua. Any swell above 2ft with high tide this wave will turn on enough for you get a little barrel at the inside corner. Miramar is protected by the cliff so even the days we have hauling offshore  winds the inside of Punta Miramar it is still nice and glassy.

That’s the wave we usually surf most because it is so easy and good definitely Punta Miramar will be on your daily menu. With optimal conditions, the wave wraps around the reef  and starts to grow carrying you all the way to the channel  sometime sall the way to the beach, has an easy paddle out and works at incoming tide.

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