Surf Breaks

Puerto Sandino

Get aboard of our surf panga and go surf the best wave of Nicaragua !

Puerto Sandino or freight trains as know is world class wave locate only 10 min away from Miramar surf camp by boat.  This wave will depend only on the sand bar in case we have a poorly rainy season then the wave can not work at all , but with proper rain , wind the river will throw so much sediment filling sand bar in the middle of the ocean making super shallow sand bar expose to the south swell. Super consistent a true wave machine.

 The year of 2018 has been super special for Sandino the sand bar is as good as it gets and the wave used to be known as a left for the last 20 year, but this year the wave has been breaking different. A-frames leg burners for both sides. The dream is real now goofies and regular treat yourself and pick which side you would prefer to shred .

 Freight trains is known for your super long rides and endless barrels, best at incoming tide. The main wave in the region and definitely one of the best waves in the world a good day at Sandino can be compare with a good day of surfing on Indonesia.

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