Surf Breaks


Just north of the point is a spot called Pipes, but most of locales call it “the beach break”. Around one minute walk from the camp, it allows for long lefts and rights. It usually barrels on most swells and works well with mid tides. This surf peak gets its name from a pipe that you can see from the beach. Although it’s called a beach break, it has a rock bottom.

Pipes bends like a fruit bowl, giving you the option to get left or right. It works on a mid-tide and will close out on big days. The right is more soft and easy, going to the beachbreak really good for surf lessons on small days. The left has a lot more potentialand power with a barrels right on the take off follow by a  long wall with closeout section to bust someairs in the end .

Pipes is a really fun wave, and you can get some super nice rides there. The rocks are only a potential problem at low tide. If you go to Miramar, you need to surf Pipes. If the swell is on the right direction, the wave can be very hollow and offer a massive barrel section. The wave side is 4-8 feet.

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