Surf Breaks

El Transito

 El transito  the next town south of  Miramar. The best way to get there is by boat ride is 10 miles ridding this beautiful coast the boat ride takes around 40 min , we provide fishing rods and a cooler with beers and soft drinks and water. By car el transito is easy as well or you can try the Nicaraguan experience and enjoy the tuc tuc ride .

 El transito is beach break and a swell magnet the beach is pretty small in extension and the swell when picks on size the waves get out of control but on mid-small days is super fun option . The town of el transito has grown a lot over the past few year and became a really cool tourist destination. Their you can mix the surfing with a day trip to enjoy the beach, tide pools, bar & restaurants.

 The best time to surf is with mid-tide close to high. The wave breaks for both sides and is super ripple with friendly take off and provides long rides all the way to the shore. The beach has one break in each corner. Definitely one of the things to put on your to do list when you are here .

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