You Deserve a Vacation! Come surf with us in Nicaragua.

March 20, 2019

We want you to come and visit us to be able to relax and disconnect from reality. We offer full packages that you don’t have to make any major decisions. The only thing you have to think about is what time you want to wake up and where is that sunscreen you packed for the hot nicaraguan sun.

We have people that can help you find flights.

We have our driver pick you up at the airport once you get off the plane.

We have food and a cold beer ready for your arrival.

We have room ready

We have the boat floating out front the hotel waiting to take you to surf breaks.

We have our surf instructor ready to teach you the ways of the ocean.

We have our infinity pool clean for those sunset cool down session.

And also don't forget about the hammocks when you want to rest after lunch.

I think you should start packing your bags now. Get your surfboards together and come visit us. Our swell season has already started strong with good offshore winds. Come alone or gather your friends. Take the vacation you deserve. We are waiting for you.

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