Our new “Ocean Front Rooms” are available and ready to be lived in. As many of you have been around for a while and are following our journey we have remolded 2 new rooms. These rooms were/are located on the bottom floor of the tower rooms in front of the little pool!

We have expanded the room. Added a closet, desk area and an incredible bathroom!

The room can fit 3 friends easily or a family of 4 with brand new Queen bed and built in bunk bed!

We want to let you know that these rooms are in high demand. Already getting booked up through July!

Another new construction is our Rancho at the entrance and we are expanding for our restaurant. We are making a new space to be able to create more comfort. The roof has been raised and already brings a cooler space where we have the boards and entrance of the hotel. We can’t wait to share these growing expansions with you all!

Stay apart of the journey and come see it for yourselves!

2022 wave season is better than we can imagine. Flights are limited which is a good thing as that means less people around to crowd the waters.

Let us know if you have any questions about booking and we can help you out.

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