Warning, The Waves have not been affected by the Virus

August 15, 2020

This virus has caused 100% NO DAMAGE to the waves here in the Pacific Ocean; quite frankly it has done the opposite.  

Nicaragua is the Perfect Destination for your next Surf Trip in Central America.

With all the new norms, restrictions and measurements that have been set out, they have made the waves rebel and grow even stronger. The waves provide a liveliness that keeps rolling in with abundant amount of sessions for all to surf on. This is truly a surfer’s dream of non- existent crowds.  

To have positive thoughts is an asset that most surfers share and embrace together. Now there are just a couple locals here sharing waves day after day. The last few months have been challenging for many people. On the bright side, here in the village of Miramar there has been 0 cases of the virus and the government and local people have taken practices to help to prevent the entrance of it as well.  

We are anxious for the day to open up to international travelers so you can experience this new norm of surfing with fewer crowds.  

Get those boards ready and bags packed! Looks like Nicaragua will be up for Travel soon enough

Miramar Surf Camp would love to have you join us to surf in Nicaragua.

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