Want to rent a House in Miramar?

Hey guys!

We know everyone has different needs and wants. We want to try to meet as much of that as well can. We have started to partner with some houses here in Miramar to rent for you guys. We will manage and make it turn key for you. We all have families and kids and we know that sometimes when we travel we want the comfort of a hotel to not have to worry about anything but we also know sometimes our clients are traveling for longer period of time or want to have access to a kitchen at their finger tips. That is why we have decided to offer houses to rent out. You can travel with groups, individual or with family.

The owners of these houses have taken very good care so we make sure there is AC, Wifi and clean environment for our guests.

And a major plus. When you book through us you still get access to Miramar Surf Camp and the amenities we offer.

Here is our first house that is right next to the hotel so you don't even need a car. The link has all the photos needed.

Email for inquires of dates and prices.

There is a 3 night minimum.

Hope you are all having a great week!

Until soon.

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