Updated Travel Requirements for Nicaragua

June 15, 2021

So many of you are asking about the RT-PCR tests to enter Nicaragua.

I am going to help clarify and also walk you through each step.

As of now only Avianca and Copa (3 times a week) are arriving in Nicaragua. In July Aeromexico said they would start travel again to Managua. Each airline has to follow the protocols of the country. Nicaragua asks that you have a Negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours of arrival in Nicaragua. That means you need to get in done 3 days before arriving. On top of that you need to send it to the airlines 36 hours before. That gives you only 36 hours from time of taking the test to send it into the airlines so that you make the time limit to send in 36 hours before arrival. Now there are many testing sites in the US and also majority give results back in 24 hours, which is perfect!

Another question we are getting a lot is; “Nicaragua is asking for a Signature from the Doctor and a Stamp from the Lab.” Again rules are always changing. Many of us have already taken tests to travel, for work or even for school. It’s not normal to have a signature from the doctor. What it really is that it needs to have the Doctor or Physicians name present on the Lab Results. And I say lab results because that means you will see the name of the lab as well on the result page. The Lab stamp is basically the Labs logo.

Another requirement is that it needs to be sent as a PDF. Please don’t forget that.

We have not had any trouble with guests arriving to Nicaragua if they follow the requirements. You need to send it in by the time line and also make sure it’s the correct test and format.

So Requirements to travel to Nicaragua with the RT-PCR Test is not that difficult.

When returning home from Managua you need to go one day before to the Health Ministry to get your test to return to the states. They only have PCR available.

There is another way to enter Nicaragua if you don’t want to deal with sending your results in on the timeline they are asking. I would only tell you to do this way if you are going to stay 10 nights or more. The border with Costa Rica and Nicaragua is open for crossing. We have clients that fly to Liberia airport and get a taxi to the border then we have a driver waiting for you on the other side. To enter Costa Rica you only need health insurance and a health pass that is all a fast 5 min online process. Then to enter Nicaragua by foot you need the test but it can also be taken either before arrival in Costa Rica from the states or also in Liberia at the airport.

And to return home it is even easier if you are flying out of Costa Rica. You will take the Antigen Test at the Liberia Airport and results are ready in 45 mins.

If you are even savvier with the tests you can bring your own HOME TEST by ABBOT. Needs to be a test that is done on a video call with a nurse to be valid for return to the US.

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