Unenvironment and Surf

Hey! I am Daniela and I would like to talk about the good surprise that guest at Miramar have when the realize all the nature and the abundance that we have. And when we can present some of the work to you guys that we are proud of doing for you.

Since the beginning, we have aimed at the idea that all water used from washing dishes, clothes and bathing would be channeled to an iron-walled reservoir, reception chamber, ceramic rubble, inlet pipe, manhole, gravel, sand. The soil layer of about 2 meters of compost is used to filter out the grease and impurities from the stored contents, where the sewage is oriented to the central compartment starting the anaerobic digestion where the organic matter will be consumed, outside, which serves as a filter. As water rises, is filtered and evaporated or is absorbed by the plants, finally the water will be eliminated and the nutrients incorporated into the plant biomass. The result of this environmental care, causes this feeling of being in the middle of a Jango as soon as you enter the Hotel Miramar Surf Camp.

Still aiming to work with the idea of having low impact on the environment, we seek at Miramar Surf Camp, Solar Power, that generates clean,  renewable and sustainable energy.The cool thing is it doesn't make any noise and the energy has minimal maintenance.

Yes, we worry about the greenhouse effect, but in reality, we were already addicted to see this vegetation grow so abundant, so take care of it, became a rewarding work, nature responds with a beauty that can only be felt, have to be in it to get the real idea.
In fact, many of us have the notion that global warming can do serious damage to the environment and our society.
And being aware of the benefits that caring for nature generates makes us think of environmental projects that aim to combat the harmful effects on the environment. Talking about our environmental practices and promoting inspiring initiatives will be one way to help build a sustainable future. And we at the Miramar Surf Camp Family are keen to improve our effects on nature.
Such projects can result in significant positive impacts not only on the environment, but also on societies affected by environmental problems, generating more jobs, opportunities, resilience to climate change and even conflict resolution. We are aware of this new development model.

What about you? looking for places that effectively practice sustainable actions?
Here we have this idea, and it is always wonderful to receive people who also value these initiatives.

Thanks for being interested in this kind of work.

See you soon . Come here...this Miramar family that promotes sports and nature with much love!

Pura Vida Nica

Gratitude everyday!

Daniela Camata Zouain

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