The best beaches to surf in Nicaragua

Located in the heart of Central America and with the largest area on ​​the block, Nicaragua is a country with amazing biodiversity, natural settings of stunning beauty, and yes, beaches that have conquered surf lovers from different latitudes of the world with their waves.

Nicaragua has two maritime flanks: one bathed by the waters of the Caribbean and the other facing the Pacific Ocean. This coastline, in particular, has areas that offer numerous breaks for surfing throughout the year. Its fame as a destination to practice Olympic sports is endorsed by the International Surfing Associations (ISA).

If you are passionate about sports, professional, amateur, or simply want to observe the power of the waves in conjunction with human skill, get ready for an adventure in Nicaragua.

Puerto Sandino, according to information from the local tourism agency, provides one of the best and longest waves in Nicaragua. Located near the road to the city of León, this sandbank is the creator of impressive waves. It is excellent for casing and forms with medium and large swells.

Punta Miramar is also very constant and with all types of waves, it becomes a perfect place for all surfers, from beginners to pro. Miramar Surfcamp is located in front of Punta Miramar and is one of the best hotels in the region.

Which beach do you already know? Which one would you like to surf on?

By Forbes MX

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