Surf Season 2022

Surf season this year may be looking a little bit different in terms of weather, winds, and even swells. Here at Miramar, is for sure different from the other "normal years".

La Niña continues in the tropical Pacific, with both the ocean and atmosphere clearly reflecting La Niña conditions. The current forecast favors the continuation of La Niña through the summer (59% chance), with a slightly lower chance into the fall (50-55% chance). A third-year La Niña would be pretty unusual, we’ve only seen two others since 1950. I’ll run the numbers to see how current conditions add up and what’s factoring into the odds for La Niña later this year.

In Central America, this year is for sure raining more than unusual.
Puerto Sandino is going to be super good, I think, cause all this rain, is just sending more and more sand into the wave. Barrels sections will be square.

If you don't have a reservation with us, it is time still. The season goes till November and sometimes December is as good as the other months of the season.

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