Surf Season 2021

The season just started and waves are firing at Playa Miramar, Nicaragua.

We know that the time is not the easiest to travel, but once here, it is the best time for a surf trip. There are not many people traveling around the world. In the airplanes, if you buy the domestic fares you will be traveling as an executive class due to the space on the seats, mostly.

Waves are uncrowded and especially at Miramar we do not have agglomerations.

Last week we had the first big swell and Punta Miramar was epic. Was Semana Santa and waves didn’t stop for days. And we are already in the counting down for another one, in the next week.

Training and recovering with our team to surf better in this next one! Join us for an amazing season and surf as much as you can, here at Miramar Surf Camp.

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