Surf is up, guns are down!!

Surf is up, guns are down, Miramar family is rising and sowing global seeds

And here comes the story…Hi, my name is Juan Enrique Vargas (Juane), from Chile, owner of Punta de Lobos Surfcamp in Pichilemu, surfer since 30 years and dad since 2, fun lover of Miramar and Nica since 2014 when i first visited.

I arrived back to Miramar this year, on may, for an exchange, my mission was to manage Miramar Surfcamp during my Winter season, bring my little 2 years old baby with me and give birth to my new Nica baby on the way.  

And the fact is that we decided with the mom to have it here because not only of surf, looking far beyond of what feels to be part of this incipient hardworking community. Where we can make a new histories for our families, together with other Brazilians and Nica families, and people around encourage us to this adventure with no any regret today.

Here in Miramar, with all their members, I can proudly say that Miramar Family have for long and roots very strong for helping in the next years and generations, looking always peaceful sources for keep surfing and practicing surf heritage …..5 young families with almost 10 babies and kids that will definitely look for the best sowing this seeds and raising at the most nica style.

Also threats comes to the story, and more than local issues as known in politics, just remind why we are here, why we become surfers, and that after all we are all in the search of happiness…don´t let , our instinct dominate in this journey, trying only to feed up our egos turning this into a field of who got more waves just for no sense. Share, respect, guns are down, surf will raise up even more, there is waves for all.

Anyway, during this two month, I wanna remark the epic and flawless season with Puerto Sandino and Miramar breaking better than ever. Highlight the wide and wise vision form Miramar partners, housing and receiving buddies from all around the world, keeping always the best vibes and the enthusiasm so that each guest  leave stoked in surfing and in life attitude.

I felt really proud, like playing with the bests, in the best team, not only because Miramar has the best and nicest infrastructure, also for knowing that there are new solar panels coming, realizing about the circular commitment of Miramar with new energies and that we are the only ones that makes treatment and reuses its sewage, teaching our kids and buddies and sowing green conscious for them.

I felt learning of the best, not only because their founders are very passionate good and solid surfers in and out the water gentlemen guys, because they taught me to promote surf always helping the more weak in the water, taking guys from other camps with them surfing in their boat when they stay abandoned, alone, or just woke up late, or just give a lift in the point who was suffering for newbe or just tired, best attitude seen in my surfer life, real surf ambassadors and promoters.

And also because I notice and feel the good pressure that encourage you always trying to give our best, pushing the standard by giving the best service around in this demanding 24/7/365 hospitality industry.

Surfing has something against the system, against the current, and in Miramar I discover that more than the race, nationality, that gather  all this searchers souls from Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, United States, France, England, Puerto Rico, United States, Australia, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Hawai, for naming some of my experience here, is that we are all  looking for the same happy moments. The more, will of sharing and respect, understanding this send me discover that we are really one people, in unity, making the force and peace.

Finally I have found a place of belonging, where I want my daughters Aitana and Ainhoa to grow up, and not just learn the Spanish, I dream make family, leaving  justice, cooperate with the community, teach and help the most vulnerable, who have nothing. And those who wanna keep up fighting for those who grab more waves, feeding their egos, taking everything without leaving anything to exchange, wish a good life, far away, Miramar deserves clean vibes.

Still some empty line ups, all day everyday offshore, Different color, one people as a reggae guru legend use to sing …

Familia Miramar, familias nicas 4ever.

View and perspective from Juane Vargas Family.

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