Surf, eat relax and repeat! Surfing at Miramar, Puerto Sandino!

Planning a surf trip means venturing out… have you ever thought about the experience here at Miramar Surf Camp?

Nicaragua breathes adventure, defying the waves elevates you in the sensation of adrenaline and the endorphin of this place rejuvenates you to live.

Yes, Miramar breathes surf, heat, and some iced toñas (beers).

The end of the year holidays are approaching, and meetings between friends are celebrated every year at Miramar Surfcamp with a lot of fraternity and a lot of waves.
The sun is the hallmark of a warm Christmas and a start to the year full of good vibes.

Collect good times with us!

Once you come, it will be hard not to want to come back.

Miramar SurfCamp family!
Puerto Sandino

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