Surf and Skate in Tokio 2020

This year, even with covid-19, was the year of sport.

We saw surfing and skateboarding at the Olympics with our idols struggling to demonstrate what we have and why our sport is so addictive.

In surfing, Italo Ferreira, Brazil, put on a show and won the gold medal along with Carissa Moore, United States. It was exciting and very different from wsl. Everyone was on fire and super nice vibe on it.

Rayssa Leal

Yuto Horigome and Momiji Nishiya on skate street. Representing Brazil we have very good athletes but in special, Rayssa Leal, 13 years old that had the silver.

We saw and suffered together with our neighbor Andre Barros for our idol, Pedro Barros, who took silver in addition to teaching in all aspects for life and for sure in the sport. Everyone was super good, boys and girls were killing it.

Pedro Barros

Here, the surf is on fire, the waves do not stop and this season is being very good. Now we are reaching the end of the season and already hoping that the low season will continue like this, pumping. There is a lot to do and see here in Nicaragua. Also super good fishing and environment, volcanos, lakes and for sure, uncrowded beaches. Come to join us and have a summer vacation with only sunny days.

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