Reasons to Take a Family Surf Trip

Are you scared to travel now because you have a little one or are you more anxious to travel.
Even if you have never ridden a wave before and don’t consider yourself especially brave, you will never forget this family surf trip and the moments spent sharing new and adventurous experiences with your youngsters! Even if it’s only for a week, children thrive here in paradise, where the stress of daily routines wash away with each breaking wave.

Many new parents say, “I’m not going to let having kids slow me down” and dream of traveling the world with toddlers in tow. Some families actually follow through and explore remote destinations with their kids, providing rich experiences that build memories and expand world views. If this is you (or you wish it was) then Miramar Surf Camp may be the perfect family destination.

As for surfing, Miramar is home for waves of all levels. The more advanced has a wave for them and the one riding for the first time has a place as well.

Often, traveling with kids breaks down cultural barriers as you get to know more locals and they're lifestyle.

Most parents will agree that their travel arrangements change after having a family, but they also discover that taking a surf trip family-style is tons of fun and even more rewarding than expected! Now more than ever, families are being bombarded with deadlines, technology overdose and the daily pressures of living very busy lives. This year, let us help you escape it all and instead spend an amazing week with your loved ones in the boutique hotel Miramar Surf Camp, Nicaragua, America Central.

Start off the Year on the Right Foot.

Miramar Familia

Photos by Mateus John

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