Project Limpia Playa

August 14, 2020

Since the pandemic, things have been very difficult for these moms to find work because tourism stopped and less fish is being sold. It just makes the poor, poorer.

What is the purpose of this non profit?

We are starting with a group of woman that have lost there jobs due to the pandemic and they are in a state of crises. These mamas have been greatly affected by the pandemic that is going on so we are trying to support them the best we can. So what we have started is a group of woman from the village to go around 3 days a week for 2 hours picking up trash off the streets and beaches as there appreciation to the support from others.  

The more money we raise the more families we can help and the cleaner the beaches will stay.

We can’t do it without you. Be apart of the change here. See the difference.


Create jobs; trash pick up, garden work education in the village, crafts to sell and send kids to school that usually have to work to be a helping hand with the family.

You may be thinking, why now?

Well like I mentioned, this is something we have started 2 years back. But now the situation is getting more serious. Many more locals are without a job especially since the hotels and restaurants had to shut their doors.
We have always been active in this cause but its been the clients from Miramar Surf Camp that have helped to keep it going. Now we are without clients so it is time to make action.

Why am I taking action?: I have always had a heart to want to help those less fortunate. Things have come to a halt with work so its seems like the perfect time to put this into drive. It breaks my heart seeing kids not being able to go to school because they have to pick up cans out of the garbage for recycle money to be able to eat.

Why start with beach trash clean up? Here in Miramar, trash is a major problem. They have never been taught how to properly throw it away so they just throw trash on the streets. This will be a never ending job. All this trash ends up on the beach from people, wind and rain.

Where I come from I was raised with options of food in my house and education from a young age. I was very blessed growing up. I believe that we can pass that onto others. Help creating jobs for the parents so they can send their children to school and have food on the table.

At Miramar Surf Camp you can surf and volunteer as part of the change. What better vacation is that. A Surf Volunteer Trip with friends!

Cheers from us

Familia Miramar

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