June 1, 2018

If you read the news then you already know that Nicaragua is going through some government changes and it is causing many protests throughout the country.

Just want to give everyone some ease of mind:

1)   Is it still safe to travel to Nicaragua?

Yes. Because the dangerous situation is only between the people that are protesting and the police/government.

There is no risk of danger for tourists if you are not involved with the protests.

2)   With this affect my trip?

No, because we have our private drivers that know the time of the protests and know alternative routes if there are some road blocks.

3)   Should you still come to Miramar?

Yes. Puerto Sandino is on fire.

Waves are perfect to learn to surf with many fun people around!

I myself am American living here in Nicaragua. I have 2 little kids, 4 months and 20 months. I go to Managua at least once a month to do errands and just plan accordingly.

We have our drivers that go twice a day to pick up and drop off clients and are in the constant updates. We would not want to put anyone at risk of any danger and honestly there wouldn’t be as the protests are all scheduled and showing where the roadblocks are.

When you arrive here in Nicaragua you honestly wont even know as it does not involve us what is happening with the government. What is happening the country hopefully will have a positive outcome as the President. Nicaragua is ready for a change for the better nicaraguan people deserve that .

Come visit us as the waves are waiting for you.

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