Nicaragua adventure tours.

If you are thinking that Nicaragua only has waves and offshore winds, you're wrong!! So many things to do besides surf and surfing and surfing.

Enjoy the youngest volcano in Nicaragua. It is one of the most active volcano and unique in the world for the practice of Volcano boarding.

... they created a sit-down toboggan made of metal and Formica-reinforced plywood.

The adventure sport was born!

​Volcano boarding was the world's first. León became the only place in the world you could slide down the side of an active volcano.

Bigfoot Volcano Boarding has sent down over 20.000 people to slide down Cerro Negro slope at up to 95km/hr!

Super nice trip, really recommended.

PRICE is around $31 PER PERSON and includes transportation from Leon to Cerro Negro, full volcano boarding gear.

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