Miramar SurfCamp, January 2020

Get to know Adam Wojtowicz’s experience at Miramar.  

We had a interview with Adam, a guest who stayed in Miramar for a couple of days during January of 2020. He came all the way from Canada to have a experience with surf, skate and yoga. We asked him 5 questions to understand how was his experience at the surf camp. Check it out! 

1. Why did you want to come to Miramar Surf Camp?

Honestly, I booked Miramar without looking carefully at the website. I was just feeling self destructive and wanted a vacation anywhere I could surf warm water. The week after I booked my time at Mirimar, I looked at the website and saw that the little skate park. That's when I started to get excited. I wanted to go from surf to skateboarding in the same day. Also the photography of the food! And, of course the waves looked amazing... but I wasn't sure how consistent they would be until I kept my eye on the surf report for a few weeks. That really got me excited.


2. What was the best you learned here?

I learned how to drop in. That was my goal, both at the skate park and on the face of a wave! 


3. How was your experience skateboarding with a coach?

Thais was amazing! She pointed out just a few small things I was doing wrong, and I got better so quickly! I ended up learning at least one new trick every day... She got me dropping in on my first try. The stuff she was teaching me in the skate park also helped me on the waves. Even when I was learning to get both my wheels on the transition and doing real rock to fakies, she made me feel like a total rock star. Best. Teacher. Ever.

4. How was your relationship with the staff and other guests?

The staff were all super friendly, helpful and encouraging. They cheered me on as I got better at skate and surf. The guys behind the bar would hang out after their shift and skate with me, giving me tips and cheering me on. Grethell at the front desk was super helpful and kind, looking out for me and trying to help me have the most fun possible. Unlike most trips travelling around the world, I feel like I made friends that I am going to meet again and again around the world. This place gathers the raddest humans. 

5. Do you plan to come back some day?

I absolutely plan on crushing the left hand barrel at Sandino Grande. I only got one day out there, and it was breathtaking to see such a long clean barrel on the backdrop of an active volcano! This is the best part of Miramar. With 9 spots at your fingertips, there is always something to ride and it's tough to cover it all in one visit! Also, PIZZA NIGHT.

We are really glad that Adam had this amazing days at Miramar Surf Camp and he was able to improve his skills on board. 

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