Learn to Surf in Nicaragua

Now is the time to come to Nicaragua and learn to surf. The rainy season has just ended so all the plants are green and the skies are blue.

The swell season for Nicaragua is from March to October. That means there are bigger waves for the people that want to ride tubes. We have waves year round but now is the perfect time to improve or learn to surf. November to Feburary we have the best conditions for you with many wave options.

Looking to just impove your skills? We got you covered. Or do you want to learn for the surf for the first time? We are the perfect option for you. Come any day you would like and stay as long as you would like. We also have a huge plus at our hotel. Yoga two times a day. Morning and everying. This helps to get you streched before your class and also give you a yoga sunset sessions to end the day.

What are you waiting for? All you need is a rashguard becuase here in Nicaragua the water is warm year round. The sun is strong and the beers are cold.

The warm weather is calling your name so just send us an email to book today! See you soon!

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