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Hola surfers

whatever your surf level is, one thing is for sure: always is possible to learn and improve and we from the Miramar SurfCamp family invite you for this amazing experience in Nicaragua.

To improve your skills as a surfer and facilitate your physical fitness and availability to be at sea, the Miramar team is waiting for you to find the best wave peaks that will leave your learning at a level of willingness to be in this universe of surfing.

And having an appropriate training plan are variants that define your learning in and out of the water.

It is in this sense that the teachers at Miramar Surf Camp are prepared to be with you.

What do you need to know about our Surf guide?

- Our teachers are making you pay attention to nature: Upon arriving at the beach, we suggest to surfers that instead of running straight into the water without looking at the sea conditions; pay attention to the wind, the time between sets, the sandbanks (in the case of beach breaks). Being aware of all the natural scenery that surrounds you is one of the most valuable tips, whatever the surfer's level.

- Observe the Timing of the wave: Knowing waves time is everything in surfing. Perhaps this is one of the most challenging points of learning.

- Choosing the right board and the right fin: Using a board that is not suitable for you, for the wave, or for the sea conditions at the moment, is very limiting in terms of performance.

Therefore, the golden tip of Miramar Surf Camp is: to prioritize a board suitable for your surfing level.

- Choosing the right wave: Waves are not equal. And our surf guide is with you to point you to the best wave. With time, you will be able to recognize the different types of waves and follow the best wave of the series.

- Training the technique of getting on the board, the pop-up. Is a key part of the process; doing it masterfully will help you a lot to anticipate your wave reading and how you will go through it.

- It is necessary to use the whole body in the maneuvers: Another very common mistake is when the surfer does not use his entire body to develop the maneuvers. Surfing well requires involving the whole body in carrying out the maneuvers and our professionals have the right tips to improve your body movement.

- Don't waste your energy: The amount of energy you have throughout a session is limited. Therefore, if you waste energy paddling too much, or paddling to unreachable waves, you will have no more fuel when the good one arrives and the surf guide at Miramar Surf Camp will be by your side to balance this energy.

- Have someone taking photos or filming: One of the best things you can do to improve your skills is to watch footage of your surf sessions. You will be surprised at how much you can evolve watching yourself surfing. The Miramar Surf Camp team has the best professionals to make this learning experience memorable.

The season for surfing beginners has already started in Nicaragua with a lot of sun in the vibe of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, with fresh starry nights watching the exuberant moons in an open sky free for you.

Give your heart some time and come surf enjoying every moment of learning and fun.

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