Basically what we want to say is Surf in Nicaragua this year of 2022 will be almost crowd free.

All the entry requirements you need to know.

Many of you might not know but only Avianca, Copa and Aeromexico are the airlines that land in Managua. There are very few flights and usually some that you find might be very expensive. So there are other ways to arrive as well.

Coming from CR has in benefits for sure. The price is much cheaper and also there are many more options of times for flights.

The only hard part is that you would want to estimate a whole entire extra day of travel.

You can land in Liberia airport, which is easier, and closest to Nicaragua. And also San José is about another 4-hour drive from Liberia.

Another big plus about arriving in Costa Rica is that you don’t have to send in your test results. The PCR test needs to be done within the 72 hours but you just need to show it when crossing the border.

When you fly into Managua one of the most stressful parts for many is making sure the test is taken within the time correctly and also sent to the airline before the cut off time.

Here at the Surf Camp we have all been entering through both air and land. And also our clients have been doing both.

If you are on a time crunch then for sure fly to Managua. But if you have that extra day to travel then CR is not a bad option.

We are always here to help and guide whoever needs it. We have experience and help clients daily.

If you are traveling with AVIANCA to Nicaragua by AIR:

-       You need to get a PCR test no more than 72 hours of landing time

-       You need to submit your results and form to the airline 36- 24 hours before arriving.

  • The results have to have a Doctors name and Lab name present on the PDF.

Here is the portal to submit it all:

If you are traveling with COPA by air to Managua:

-       You need to get a PCR test no more than 72 hours of landing time

-       You need to submit your results and form to the airline before 36 hours.

Submit your results as PDF to this email:

In the subject line put your Reservation Code and body of the email add your flight # and full name with passport #

Form to submit to Copa around 48 hours before arrival is perfect:

When traveling with AEROMEXICO by air to Managua:

You will upload your PCR test to:

Must be within the 72 hours of arrival in Managua and uploaded before 35 hours of arrival.

And also fill out the form:

So now I am sure you are wondering how hard is it to cross by land at the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Well its honestly not that hard. The border is called Penas Blancas. We work with some driver services that can help you on both sides of the border. Or we can help you find a direct bus from San Jose to Managua with TICA BUS.

When arriving in Costa Rica all you need is a health pass with your vaccine card. If you are not vaccinated no problem you just need to show proof of health insurance and then your health pass will generate a QR Code.

When you leave Costa Rica by land (to enter nica) you will need to pay an exit tax that you can pay online at:

When entering Nicaragua you will pay an entrance fee of $12 USD. That will be paid when they stamp your passport. No online service yet.

Nicaragua or Costa Rica might ask to see your proof of exit of the country, which is your return flight ticket.

And as most of you know to return to the US or Brazil you need just an Antigen that we sell or you can bring on your own! This change all the time that you will need to check with your home country as vaccine might be required as well to travel internationally.

It seems more complicated then it is. But trust us we have a lot of experience so you are in good hands and 2022 is going to bring some great changes to Miramar Surf Camp that we can wait to share with you.

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