Home Office All Inclusive Package

It seems that the virus, COVID 19,  going to be longer than we thought. We already have some good news and some vaccines been to produce.

Some airlines already start to fly and some countries are open for private and shuttle flights.

We don’t have any company working at the moment in Nicaragua but some charters are happening and if you really want to come as a tourist, you are allowed. The same charter gives you options to get back. You might have to buy the ticket together, both ways.

Next flights from Miami

Another super important thing is the COVID 19 test. Is NECESSARY to have one and the MOST IMPORTANT, has to be in 72h before. Not more not less.

Looking at this whole scene, we created a package thinking of you. If you always dreamed to work at your home, now is something normal and we believe that will be a new tendency.

Imagine now living at Miramar SurfCamp and working from "your Home Office".

Miramar - Nicaragua

We created a HOME OFFICE ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE, for the adventurers which may work from anywhere with good internet. Plus surfing perfect waves with warm water every day and NO CROWD.

The hotel has solar power. Every time the village electricity goes out we are the only ones that can enjoy our dinner with solar energy. And do not get worried about being without the internet. IMPOSSIBLE. We also have an available printer and scanner.

Anyway, if you can, in my opinion, there is no better place to be right now than Miramar. Working, surfing, skating, fishing, and the most important, living.

Get in contact for more informations about the package.


Fuentes - Schuvar Tours -@schuvartoursnic

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