Girls surfing experience!!

Stepping out of your comfort zone to experience something new while traveling is normally how you most grow as a human been. But when it comes to embarking on such an adventure, there is nothing better than being able to count with professional support and expertise of those who really understand the subject.

In our travels, our travel hosts have not only a lot of experience in their areas of expertise, but also great experience when it comes to travel. They are qualified professionals to follow the trip and make your trip even more amazing. They create the project, we organize the trip and you enjoy the dream trip.

Punta Miramar

Not as well known as its neighbors Costa Rica and El Salvador, the countless waves here have incredible excellence and frequency. Best of all, offshore wind most of the time and several unpopulated peaks. Another highlight of this trip is our lodging at Miramar Surf Camp, one of the best surf camps in Central America, which is literally in front of the peak. The best structure in a privileged place for a phenomenal surf trip!

In an international surf trip like this where the surf conditions are often different from what we are used to, the presence of our coach Suelen Naraísa is extremely important. Graduated in Physical Education, the two-time Brazilian surf champion also has great experience in surf lessons and has become a reference as a instructor and surf guide. She will give you guidance, tips, support in the water and a lot of security so that you can make the most of the potential of paradise waves without the risk of "fringing". Another highlight of this trip is the video analysis of slow motion images at the end of each day. Have any doubt that you will evolve ?!

First Group: November 14 - 21  ( 7 nights | 8 days )

Second Group: November 23 - 30 LAST ROOM! ( 7 nights | 8 days )

Girls surfing trip with Suelen Naraisa, Marianna Piccoli and Leon Neves.

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