Flights are back

If are you looking for a surf trip, without crowd and warm water. We are happy to say that Avianca is already operating in Central America including Nicaragua.

Don´t waste time and come for the end of the season. November always is very good and December for the beginners' surfers is the haven. No crowds and a lot of surf. No car at all for surfing.

Boat trips for all the spots, except for the ones by walk. Beaches with no one around and sun, a lot of sun every day.

Our hotel is ready to see it back.

Puerto Sandino is been firing for the last days. The raining season is just over and a lot of sand was thrown in the river mouth.

Out in front still the same, now getting better with more south swells.

We have surfed pipes with really good rights, close to the new jetty.

And the rest still the same.

Almost forget to say about Salinas Grande. We are ready to offer surfing with a jet ski. Yes, step offs and towns as well. Step off in Salinas is amazing! So many waves, so many barrels in one session.

We have a new boat, La Calavera, to fishing trips get even better. More space in the coolers for the fishes and toñas.

That is it, happy to say that we have flights to Nicaragua.

Saludos y muchas olas a todos!


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