First Guests during Covid 2020 with Avianca

The New Travel to Nicaragua. Experience from our first guest arriving on a non-charter flight.

So Avianca is the only airline that is arriving here in Manauga. You can either fly from Florida or have a lay over in El Salvador. Covid has many disadvantages and a couple advantages. One of the big benefits is less people are in the surf break. Here in Miramar we have empty line ups like never before. Many waves are going untouched. The rainy season has come to a hault. We had our last 2 storms of the season; Hurricane Ita and Hurricane Iota which both did mass destruction here in Nicaragua. The Caribbean coast was where the eye of the storm hit and here on the Pacific we only got the outskirts of the storm.

This last week we had our first guests arrive from a Non-Charter Flight. Lets hear the step by step experience from them.

Guest: “So we booked out airline tickets with Avianca. Straight away before booking they show the requirements for entering the country of Nicaragua.

-       Negative result of a “real time PCR” test (swab) for Covid-19 no longer than 72 hours before arrival in Nicaragua

-       Send results no less than 36 hrs before your flight

-       Fill out form and send in to airline no less than 36 hrs before flight

-       Bring original test results document with you

So we figured it actually is not that hard only need to get the test with in the time slot. So we did that. Sent in our form a couple times to be safe and off we were. First flight was LAX to SAL, then from SAL to MGA. When arriving in Managua there was another line to fill out exactly where you are going and a local contact number. We did all that only brought carry on luggage so customs was fast.

Once we got with our driver we felt relaxed and our vacation was about to begin.

This was our first trip to Miramar Surf Camp and I can wait to go back. We would not want it any other way. The resort to ourselves, we became like family to the owners and we were still able to do and explore a lot! “

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