Who ever thought we would get to this. We have been waiting for the moment that Nicaragua would drop the PCR requirements to enter and the moment has finally arrived.

They have officially announced that to enter Nicaragua just a vaccine card or a PCR result no more than 72 hours before arrival is required. We are still waiting for more details about if this needs to be sent in or only shown at check in with the airlines!

This is a huge step forward to help with flights returning to the country. This will make prices hopefully go down as well!

As more information comes out we will keep you all informed!

Can’t tell you all how exciting this is and hopefully more of you will be able to come and visit us again!

Surf Update:

We have had a wet start to the season so far. But our machine of Sandino is not stopping! Nothing can hold it back. Looks like all of Central America up to Mexico has had a lot of rain. We all know its good for the earth and everything goes through cycles! Just like us we all need to go through our own seasons!

Keep up the good vibes and having fun in the water catching waves!


Familia Miramar

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