Beginner Surf Season

We are arriving in the beginner surf season. The year just flew and the surf season is been amazing. Not want to stop thinking about it but time doesn't stop.

It is almost done and we are already planning and organizing for the beginner season, with a lot of surf lessons.

This year with all the kids around and hopefully more family trips with kids to surf in the paradise.

A lot of dads thinking about how it going to be. Should we, dads, teach or just have someone else teach?

Strange to have someone else give surfing lessons to your own son when you've been a surfer like me for decades since you think you can do it yourself.

It is not always easy to give confidence to a child, with all the arsenal of parent-child relationships that can, consciously or not, dynamite our ability to reassure our offspring in the face of aquatic aggressions!

It must be said that a surf teacher has methods and suitable equipment to secure the child and allow him to have fun in the waves.

Most important thing is to have fun with them, doesn't matter if you're the teacher or just the first fan!

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