Beginner surf season

We are getting close to the end of the surf season  but Miramar SurfCamp does not stop. Big sweels are very hard to hit Nicaragua in the next months, December, January and February. November may get super good with clean swells and good winds. Always, in the right time and tide, you can surf and have fun.

For beginners it can be super challenge. All the waves can be surfed these time of the year. With good conditions, normally the winter, called summer here, is the best time for those learning surfing.

There is 5 waves around Miramar by walking and other ones by boat. All kind for all levels.

The key for beginners surfer is score perfect waves and trully getting most out of your time in the water. It can be just paddling or catching waves, always there is somethingto learn in the water.

To leave you stress free we used all our resources to find out where and when is thebest time and best tide. Taking a boat or walking by the beach, we wil find it.

Surfing is not the easiest thing to learn, but still it's far from being a complicated sport.

The best thing in the surf is that everyone share the same hapniness. The one that most enjoy the surf are not the “pros" or the experinced surfers, but the one that have more fun.  

Keep surfing and having fun!!

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