BBQ only girls

May 24, 2019

Surfing has been growing and becoming more popular sport along the years, the line up is starting to change, every time more girls are taking over which was in the past dominate by guys. The amount of girls surfing is increasing every year and they are taking to high level just as the boys .Bruna Queiroz is former pro surfer from Brazil who started the BBQ Only Girls project back in 2013 since then she has complete 35 groups to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Jamaica.

The trip consists of only girls. Bruna takes full care of the participants in the water, she teaches the girls how to respect the line up, play safe and charge as well. Every session is followed by professional filmmaker and photographer.
Bruna travels all around the world to surf, she realize how hard its for girls to create room between all the guys out. Men are usually not very receptive and like to share waves with women. Here at Miramar Surf Camp we have the privilege to be able to host her and her groups at least 2 times a year. They come with great skill and passion to score some good uncrowded waves and improve their surfing. Every group and every trip has brought a lot of fun energy to the hotel.
This april she was able to do 2 very successful groups here at the hotel. We cant wait for more groups to arrive hang with us. Thank you to BBQ for choosing to stay with us.

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