The Real Miramar Surf Camp Experience.

February 6, 2019

Had a fantastic time at Miramar surf camp. I had a week there by myself - surfing everyday with Sergio, the instructor, reading for hours in the hammocks, reading for hours in the amazing infinity pool, doing yoga (mats provided)with a view, taking little journeys down to market to buy snacks, drinking tona, watching the sunset, and eating every night with the team there. For a few days I was the only guest there and I really got spoilt by the staff. Every night we had dinner together and it was a great atmosphere. When my partner arrived it was more of the same - surfing daily, more beers in the pool and we also did an excursion to El Transito via a 40min Tuk Tuk ride - great fun and only slightly terrifying, with the boards strapped to the roof. My partner and I were the only guests during that time and it was so special to have the complete run of the place! We'd usually surf in the morning and then once it had cooled down a bit in the afternoon have a muck around in the skate park. So the run down: (We went for the all inclusive beginners package) Food: pretty good! (I work as a chef so I can be a little fussy) I always had either the breakfast burrito or pancakes for breakfast. Always get the days 'special' as written on the board. The one time I skipped the special and ordered a burger it came out cold - priority is given to the special and usually is the best option. I always went for the special after that and it was always fresh, hot and delicious! Beans and rice feature a lot - gotta get those carbs in. Monday night is Taco night - they even make their own tortillas. Wednesday is Burger night (homemade buns!) and Friday night is Pizza night - and they even have a wood fired oven! It was super handy having all your meals included - great value! Drinks: Bring your own refillable water bottle! There is a little stand with coffee, tea, and a place to refill with water. The bar stocks beers, rum, soft drinks, and chocolate - yum! Rooms: I went for the ocean view tower room - number 4. It was amazing waking up, pulling the curtain back and having the waves right there! Stunning view. Simple and basic but has aircon, comfy bed, bunks (which we used to put our clothes on). **there is no hot water! was a little surprised at the start but its so hot there anyway it doesn't really matter. If you are a light sleeper, take earplugs as the surf can be pretty noisy at high tide. There is a little fridge in the room which was great as we kept our stash of beers in there (after being picked up from the airport we stopped to buy some rum and beer. Essentials.) Its nice having your own little stash of beer but if you do run out there are only 2 bucks at the bar! Waves: hopefully you arrive with the swell! there's a bunch of different breaks all within walking distance and even if there is insane swell you can walk or catch a little tuk tuk up to de flors which is a beginner wave. Shifts was my favourite. We were the only people out there! Myself, my partner and Sergio. That was it. So, so amazing! Extra bits to do: It's a place to surf, relax and drink beer. You are not coming for the nightlife etc. There is really not much at all around Miramar - no restaurants etc. Theres a tiny market that you can get insect spray, snacks, coke etc but no beer. Tuktuk to El Transito - solid surf camp is there, and they are super friendly, could keep our boards in there, shower and fill up your water bottle. We bought some beers as a thank you. There is also a cafe there and a place where you can grab lunch if you wanted to make a day trip out of it. We also checked out the rock pools and I noticed there was a small hike up to a lookout on a hill at the end of the beach, the solid surf guys will tell you where to go. Another option would be to go to Tiger Lagoon, 80US round trip using the camps driver. (we didn't go but it sounded nice!). Try out the skatepark! even if you've never done it before, its great fun. But remember, the nearest hospital is 2 hours away. Oooo and you can get a massage! 50us for an hour - Maribell comes to the hotel and gives a really strong massage. Treat yourself! The wooden decking there the hammocks are hung is great for some yoga - especially in the morning when the sun rises behind you. Packing tips: I barely wore shoes the entire time. Flip flops are fine. Guys rarely wear shirts - no need to 'dress for dinner' this is the most relaxed place! A sarong and bikini does the job! A rashguard / rashie / swimshirt - really makes a difference on your poor tum with all that wax on the board, and also protects you from the sun. I took along a leave in conditioner and highly recommend you do as well. "what about all those political warnings?" Literally had no issue whatsoever and I arrived as a solo female traveller. Unfortunately the only sign of it I saw was that a lot of the surf camps along the beach had closed down. Really sad! Once you are out of Managua, the capital, its 100% fine and I felt safe the entire time by myself walking down the beach or to the market. The staff there are the coolest people, a mix of locals and Brazilians. Housekeeping were like little magical fairies, there was always a hard working gent keeping the lush gardens watered and looking good and the chefs were jolly! We communicated by smiles as my Spanish is terrible. Leandro, Sergio, Daniela and Roberta were great to have a beer with in the afternoons and their dogs are great fun to play with. I felt super welcomed by the team and it really made my stay so enjoyable! Do yourself a favour and head to Miramar, its 100% worth it you and you will be so happy with your choice! Thank you so much for having me and we shall be back! (I still have Sergio's voice in my head - "paddlepaddlepaddle! Stand!")

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