April 10, 2018

In addition to offering a variety of waves throughout the year for surfers of all skill levels, from experienced, to those who have never surfed before, the North of Nicaragua also offers you many other activities as well as a beautiful sunset of the Pacific Ocean.Check below 7 activities you only can do in the region of Puerto Sandino.1 – Volcano Tour: you can take a 20-minute walk in incredible scenery and visit the Assosoca crater lake . There you can swim in a freshwater lagoon and have a breathtaking view of volcano momotombo .2 – Volcano Boarding: For fans of radical activities, while doing the Volcano Tour you can also slide down the volcano cerro negro, sitting or standing. The feeling of freedom and adrenaline is worth the challenge.3 – Surf Lessons: If you do not know anything about surfing, but you want to learn not to miss any waves, or if you want to improve your technique, this is not a problem. You can take surfing lessons with teachers trained to meet your needs. We recommend that you stay for 5 to 7 days to enjoy our lectures and exercises.

4 – Boat Ride & Fishing: A boat is available so you can surf the waves further afield and enjoy fishing.5 – Horseback Riding: you can take individual or group tours of the beaches and rivers of the region that will give you a sense of peace and tranquility.6 – León: For those who enjoy a lot of dancing, delicious foods and mojitos, the city of León has clubs for you to enjoy a Salsa Night and to know a little more about our Latin culture. You can also do a city tour in the city and get to know museums, cathedrals and the historic center.You can enjoy all this and much more by staying at the Miramar Surf Camp. Make your holiday unforgettable coming to the North of Nicaragua.

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