Camp Amenities


Each day, our trained Chefs de Cuisine and our army of local “cocineras” work as a team to prepare an outstanding, unique plate of the day for lunch and dinner. By the way, we have wildly popular options: Taco Monday, wednesday the night of the special hamburgers at our oceanfront BBQ pit and Pizza Friday fresh from our wood-fire oven. And the best, all the options are available for vegans and vegetarians.

Sometimes it’s lobster Mac and Cheese, other times it’s whatever fish was freshly caught on that day’s spearfishing trip. No matter what was the chef’s inspiration, its always innovative and delicious! Besides, there’s a fully stocked fridge with a variety of cold beers, favorite soda flavors, Gatorade, fresh juice and iced tea to quench your thirst and keep you going throughout the day.

From our organic garden, fresh salads and vegetables. All our produce, meat and fish are purchased locally which gives us the opportunity to offer fresh, tasty, delicious and healthy meals.

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