Camp Amenities


Miramar Surf Camp also offers you other options of fun:

Trainning Area:

Finally, the workout and training area provides ample space for whatever type of instruction you are looking for during your time at Miramar. Throughout the year, we host Jiu Jitsu masters, yoga teacher training courses and beginner surf camps, who use the space for their classes.We have a variety of free weights, a bose ball, medicine balls and resistance training materials to condition your body for the surf. Depending on who is here, there are either Yoga or Jiu Jitsu classes in the evenings at guests request.


In the evening,  after a day of good swell, as everyone gathers around to see their heroic barrels and hysterical wipeouts captured by our talented camp photographer. We have a little library of books and a growing collection of popular surf titles to get stoked before a session.

Pin-Pong table ,Chessboard & Board Games.

Local surf shop

Now we also have a variety shop in the hotel. You can find various products such as boards , wax, fins, t-shirts, caps and much more.

More Camp Amenities